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Relines and Soft Liners

A reline is a procedure used to re-fit the surface of a denture to a person’s gum. This is done by placing a new acrylic base into the denture, duplicating the new form of the oral structures in the mouth. A reline can bring back suction, comfort, stability and discourage food from going under the denture. Relines are required for when bone and tissues change due to shrinkage. Possible causes for this shrinkage may be post-immediate dentures, tooth loss, weight loss, bone loss in the upper or lower jaw, sickness or disease, and general physiological aging.

As a general rule dentures should be relined once every two to three years. Relines are a normal part of denture maintenance and important to the health of the oral tissues and bone support of a denture wearer. We will examine and we can help you understand the circumstances involved in ill-fitting, loose or broken dentures. Not all of these situations will require a new denture. A reline may resolve your problem. The bite position, existing teeth and acrylic base(s) must be in good condition and not worn or stained to provide a reline procedure.

An impression of your oral tissue is taken inside your denture(s) to provide a working model. New acrylic base material is added to your denture to produce a correct fit. The appearance of your dentures will not change.

Soft Liners

If you have been experiencing pain through your gums for some time and your denture, even though it has been carefully adjusted, makes your gums hurt and we can’t see anything wrong except that with time your gums have grown thinner and their shape is more pointed. Along with the pain you have also noticed that your lower denture is becoming increasingly loose and uncomfortable. This condition is known as “gum resorption”. Fortunately, a soft liner can assist in solving this problem. Soft liners are a medical grade soft polymer material applied to the tissue-fitting surface of your hard denture base. Soft liners behave like a shock-absorbing cushion when you are chewing. Soft liners can be applied to new dentures, old dentures and reline situations. The soft liner is used in lower dentures and is bonded into your prosthesis. Being more porous, the soft liner adheres better to what remains of your gum, it is less irritating to your tissues and gives your denture more stability. A soft liner can reduce the shrinkage of your gum, which is constantly changing, and make the denture more comfortable to wear.

Benefits of Soft Liners:

After we have meticulously adjusted your dentures fit and you are still unable to find comfort with your denture, you may want to consider a soft liner. Soft liners are

appropriate for:
- flat or nearly flat gum tissues
- gums with thin tissues over bony areas
- chronically sore gum tissues

Soft Liner Facts:
- over twenty years of advances and developments in quality soft liners
- increased comfort during chewing and daily wear
- clinical evidence indicating a high acceptance by patients
- based on patient home care cleaning, soft liners have an average life span of two to three years depending on your physiology

Requirement of Care for Soft Liners

Soft liners require home care and proper cleaning to maintain their vitality. As with all removable dentures, soft liners require regular check up to ensure fit and oral health. To ensure that your new soft liner denture provides continued comfort, you should have it checked every year and replaced when necessary. This will ensure the health of your gums, as well as ensure maximum fit and comfort. If a soft liner is still not reducing the discomfort of your denture, dental implants is the next alternative. Dentures supported by implants are the most effective treatment of mobile dentures causing bone resporption and sores.

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